Are you tired of living with neck pain? Have you started to think that it is normal to have headaches? Maybe you have started to have migraines or that upper back tension is unbearable! These are all very common reasons to find a chiropractor and get your spine aligned. There are a few causes that lead most to experience neck pain….

#1- The Neck Joints are out of alignment or lack proper movement. When the joint get stuck they lose their ability to move freely throughout their range of motion and start to feel stiff. A healthy joint has a springy quality of movement to it.

#2- Irritated or Pinched Nerves. The nerves coming off of the spinal cord in your neck exit the spinal bone through holes in the side. Improper alignment or posture of the bones causes that hole for the nerve to become more narrow. This increases your chances of the nerve rubbing on the bone and getting irritated or pinched. These can cause neck pain, numbness in the hand, carpal tunnel like symptoms, headaches, tingling and more.

#3- Poor Posture- Years of sitting at a computer for your job will at some point lead to neck or low back pain or other conditions. The neck is meant to have a specific curvature in the spine and poor posture at the computer, driving, sleep position, or excess time looking down at phones or tablets will diminish the curve, thus leading to the eventual onset of migraines or headaches, muscle tension or pain.

#4- Tense muscles- Changes in the curvature of the spine will force the muscle to lengthen and thus seem tense. Extra stress, whether it be mental (work/relationship/money), physical (manual labor/desk job/repetitive motion) or chemical (poor nutrition/dehydration) will increase tension in the muscles. The upper back is where people “hold their stress”. This is because of the changes mentioned in #3.

These are a few quick references to the most common reasons that lead to neck pain, back pain, headaches including migraines, jaw pain (TMJ) and more. If you would like to find out why you have neck pain, we are here to help!

In Health,

Dr. Ryan Browning

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