Kyle TX Chiropractor Stepping Up For Wellness (Near Austin TX)
The name of our office is Browning Family Chiropractic & Wellness because we don’t just believe in getting you out of pain, but in keeping you healthy for a long long time.  Most people look to come in because of back pain, neck pain, whiplash after a car accident or other aches and pains.
We are introducing a new line of wellness products for wellness and nutrition.  DoTerra is a complete line of nutritional supplements and essential oils.
My family was introduced to essential oils a few years ago.  At first I was very skeptical and did not think much of them.  Gradually we tried them out now and again.  We tried them on our kids and were surprised that they worked really well.  Over the years they have come to make up the vast majority of our medicine cabinet.  Today my family uses chiropractic and doTerra products as a first line of defense to get and stay healthy.
Some of the common reasons we use them are allergies, common cold, coughing, respiratory and sinus problems, ear infections, mood enhancement, even headaches.  They don’t have the negative side effects of over the counter drugs or prescription medication.
We will be having our first in-house workshop: Introduction to Essential Oils on Tuesday, November 4th @ 6:30pm.  We have a Certified Wholistic Health Coach, Carol Ann Guest that will be sharing how to help keep your family healthy using doTerra essential oils.  We will have a monthly workshop focusing on things like allergies, stress, common colds, flu, and more.  Feel free to call us for more information on the class at 512-405-0400.  or you can click on essential oils for more information
In Health,
Dr. Ryan Browning