Holistic Women’s Health Through Chiropractic Care in Kyle TX
When things get out of balance with our health, the most popular choice in America is to look for a medicine fix to cover up the symptom. We are taught to believe that there is a pill for everything and see the advertisements for them every waking moment of the day enough to become immune to them. In fact, Americans consume about 75% of the WORLD’s pharmaceuticals. Having the most access to medicine and the best technology should set us apart as the healthiest country on the planet, right? Wrong. Americans rank #34 in the world and are last among fully developed countries. There aren’t any television ads about the body’s natural healing ability to heal itself when the stress to the spine and nerves is removed! But that’s where chiropractic can come into play and finding a chiropractor near you may be the best healthcare decision you’ll ever make.
We have seen great results when it comes to women’s health treating many women during all phases of pregnancy to keep them well or to relieve issues such as low back pain and sciatic nerve pain. We’ve also had many of our female patients see the benefits of chiropractic care in the form of digestive issues, allergies and congestion, stress and anxiety and many more.
One patient recently wanted to speak out and share her experience of how chiropractic care has helped solve her amenorrhea (absence of a period). Now, there is not a specific chiropractic spinal adjustment for amenorrhea, so let me explain. The nerve roots that come off the lumbar spine (low back) are the nerves that control the reproductive organs, some digestive function, bladder and the legs. When pressure is applied to these nerves they may have show up in a variety of ways to the body. For this patient, it affected her body’s ability to properly menstruate and give her a normal period. For others it can affect fertility capabilities. By identifying the vertebra in her low back that weren’t aligned and moving properly, thus causing stress to these nerves we were able to adjust her spine so that it moves like it is supposed to do. As a result, the nerve started to function like it is meant to and restored function thus allowing for proper function. There is no pill that would be able to do this.
We are grateful for the trust you place in our hands to get you and your family feeling better and help keep you on the path to wellness!
In Health,
Dr. Ryan Browning
Watch the video below to see how chiropractic helped one of our patients with amenorrhea!