Almost everyone has experienced low back pain, a nagging headache or a crick in the neck! Back pain is actually the #2 reason for missed days at work across the United States and accounts for the #2 reason why people go to their doctor!  So it would be safe to assume that you’ve either experienced it…or you will at some point.  So here are 5 easy tips to follow at home that don’t take much time, effort or money to keep your body moving.

#1- Drink Water…and lots of it.  This will cut out sugars, caffeine and artificial products from soda, juices, energy drinks, coffee, etc.  Over half of Americans are sub-clinically dehydrated and don’t even know it. Every one of your body’s functioning processes need water.  Staying hydrated reduces inflammation in the intestinal tract, keeps the muscles happy and reduces your sensitivity to pain.

#2- Find an exercise you enjoy. Your body benefits from movement and stimulation. Find a sport/hobby/exercise class/competition to make exercise fun. If it’s enjoyable you will continue to do it. Regular movement improves bone density, speeds up metabolism and keeps your brain sharp.

#3- Take care of your SPINE!  Your spine is to your body what the fuse box is to your house.  If the nerves are getting pinched and squeezed then they will not function at their best to communicate the messages from your brain to the rest of your body. Chiropractors are famous for putting you back together after a car accident or when your back goes out, but they can also keep your body tuned up for optimal function. This will help the elite athlete and stay at home mom alike.

#4- Sleep. There is no substitute for sleep. You may try to substitute with coffee and energy drinks and that may wake you up for the day. If this becomes a habit you will eventually pay for it down the road. Sleep is when your body regenerates and repairs itself. It rejuvenates and heals. Robbing yourself of this repeatedly increases your chance of disease later.

#5- Read often. This might seem out of place to some, but avid readers know what I’m talking about. Reading is like exercise to the brain. It improves cognitive function, staves off dementia, improves critical thinking skills. It can be a great strength to the mind-body connection.

In Health,

Dr. Ryan Browning

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