It’s a new year and time has run out on last year’s resolutions.  It’s time to wipe the slate clean and start anew to create a new you!  Stop waiting for your luck to run out and start moving into action to gain health and to have the energy you have dreamed about!  Let’s get your BODY invigorated and finally feeling well, not having the stiffness, back pain and tension headaches that you have come to think are normal.  Let’s get your MIND feeling sharp and alert, feeling capable of doing more without getting overwhelmed.  Let’s get your SPIRIT feeling confident and strong, knowing that you can accomplish anything you want and overcome the obstacles along the way.  Let’s do this!

Here are my 7 Super Simple Tips for you to get started this year…

1- Get your spine aligned.  Get your chiropractic check up to uncover hidden musculoskeletal problems and to prevent injury as you begin exercising again. Take care of previous aches and pains so they don’t hold you back any longer. Start improving your spinal posture and take advantage of the many health benefits that can be yours! Talk to your chiropractor about how to maintain good spinal alignment and function.  Don’t wait for pain, choose maintenance care for your body!

2- Eat real food.  Sounds too easy, right?  In the fast paced world we live in now it has become increasingly difficult.  To keep it simple, eat “fresh fiber first” at each meal.  That means one vegetable before you proceed to the rest of the meal.  Focus on adding IN healthy foods before you focus on taking OUT the bad stuff.  We have a local farmer’s market that is a wonderful resource right here in Kyle, Texas, called Cross Plants and Produce that can help you eat fresh, organic and locally grown foods.

3- Move your muscles.  The range of motion and mobility that your body will maintain throughout your life is dependent upon the motion of the joints (chiropractic treatment) and the motion of the muscles (exercise and stretching).  Strength training will improve your core stability and your confidence.  Stretching will promote flexibility and injury prevention.  Need some help getting started?  Lauren Swindell is a great local exercise physiologist with MWell Solutions who will game plan with you on how to get started.  She even offers group sessions with the Senior Fit exercise group.

4- Drink Water.  Right now you’re thinking, “OK, this list is way too simple.”  When I say drink water I mean JUST water.  A simple google search can educate you on all the unnecessary elements that are in your water today…and it’s much more that H2O!  This takes away from the health benefits that your body needs from daily water consumption to maintain hydration.  An efficient system in the house to remove unwanted products, elements, medications and toxins in the water.  Another local resource in our community located next to Plum Creek is Water Tree of Kyle.  They can educate you on how to best solve this problem.

5- Sleep More. The busy lifestyle doesn’t give enough time to rest, relax, ponder and rejuvenate. Sleep is key to help the body heal and refresh every system. From the nervous system (brain and spinal cord) to the digestive system and even the circulatory system is much better off with more sleep. Discipline yourself to let your body heal each day with sufficient sleep.

6- Live Naturally.  Over the last century Americans have been conditioned that there is a magic pill for EVERYTHING!  From weight loss, depression and anxiety, ADHD, pain relief, stress, hormonal imbalance, etc, etc, etc, the list is infinite.  Instead of looking to cover up the symptom with a chemical intervention, how about looking at what lifestyle choice, habit or environmental factor is the root cause and looking to fix that cause?!  I see and discuss related issues with patients everyday in the office while patients lay on my chiropractic table. Often times these stressors are palpable to the touch and they are usually the root cause.  A great local resource is to become educated on essential oils, which you can do by contacting Brooke:  They can help you intervene with 100% natural products and empower you to care for your family’s health without an extra trip to the medical doctor.

7- Live Simply.  It’s no secret that stress is the major factor affecting most people’s health.  Technology gives us the capability to more and more and our free time becomes less and less.  Find one thing you can let go of and one of these super simple health tips that you can get started on today!  Don’t wait for another New Year’s resolution, let’s get started today!


Here’s to a healthy 2016,

Dr. Ryan Browning