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Most of us never imagine getting into an auto accident let alone wonder what to do once the shock of being injured in a car wreck happens. It will never happen to so many and once it does most are unsure and scared of how to go about treating auto injuries and whiplash. I am Dr. Ryan Browning and I’ve helped thousands of injured patients recover from accidents over the years. Here are a few quick tips to know about what to do if you are injured in one.
First of all, if there are serious and obvious injuries at the time of the collision do not hesitate to receive first responder aid or to be transported to the emergency room for further evaluation. The emergency room is good for checking on broken bones, concussions, severe pain, organ damage or other life threatening conditions.
Secondly, if you do not feel a lot of pain or whiplash immediately after the accident it doesn’t mean that you won’t. At the time of the crash there is an endorphin response that can cover up pain or the fact that the pain has not yet been registered by the brain until later. This can take a few days and up to a few weeks.
Next, plan on using ice for swelling and inflammation. Ice will push the blood flow away thus allowing the muscles, tendons and ligaments to repair themselves. Heat can make it worse. Also stay hydrated with plenty of water and electrolytes to help with tissue repair and inflammation. You may feel more fatigue or sluggish for several days or weeks- so get extra sleep and rest. Don’t feel bad about not feeling up to the same level of activity/work/chores for a while because your body needs rest! During this time your body is working in overdrive to repair many areas that were injured and literally use up your stored energy so you may feel drained for a while after an type of auto injury. Give yourself the good nutrition and nutrients to promote the body’s healing.
Once you know that emergency care is not needed (no broken bones, damaged organs) call a good chiropractor near you that has experience in personal injury and whiplash treatment. Make sure they perform a chiropractic examination including x-rays to determine the course of treatment. The goals of treatment after a car accident should be #1- get out of pain and symptoms- neck pain, back pain, headaches, dizziness, migraines, concussion, etc. Goal #2 is to get back to pre-accident status. Simply stated, this means to get you back to how you were before the wreck in terms of symptoms, activity levels and overall enjoyment of life and hobbies as you used to. Goal #3 is to decrease or eliminate the chance of future problems or pain due to the accident. There are several factors that improve the chances of a full recovery and preventing chronic pain from whiplash and it begins with seeking out treatment as soon as possible after the injury happens. Receiving the necessary amount of treatment is another key and following through with all recommendations significantly improves the chances of a full recovery.
If you have questions about recent auto injuries feel free to contact our office and we will be happy to help you!
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