Right now there is a lot of stress going on- mental stress, physical stress, you name it. They all cause the body to go into a stress response or “fight or flight” mode. Our bodies are designed to be in stress response for short periods of time, not for long periods of time.

Here are 5 ways to stay healthy during coronavirus:

1- Respect the guidelines we have been asked to observe, washing hands, sanitization and social distancing.

2- Be social- use technology to be social and chat with loved ones like facetime, phone calls, checking in on neighbors- especially the elderly.

3- Eat more vegetables- get the essential nutrients and building blocks your body needs. Green leafy vegetables will help your body with vitamin K which help you absorb more vitamins. Vitamin C also boosts the immune system and is very important in times of stress.

4- Get outside to get fresh air and Vitamin D. Fresh air is good for mental health and exercise is great for the body. You don’t have to stay inside all day.

5- Get your chiropractic adjustments! A proper aligned and moving spine helps the nervous system function at its best. This helps all the other systems of the body to do their job even better.

These 5 simple helps will help you be healthier and happier during this time we are all going through!

Health & Love,

Dr. Ryan Browning, D.C.